Glucosamine is an important biological molecule produced naturally in the body and is used for making glucosaminoglycans – the principal lubricating proteins in cartilage, tendons, ligaments, synovial fluid and mucous membranes. When the body cannot produce enough glucosamine, conditions such as osteoarthritis, joints and body pains may start to occur. These Glucosamine deficiency syndromes can be prevented or managed by effective glucosamine supplementation.

Unfortunately, glucosamine is difficult to deliver to the body. Glucosamine absorption is very low in the gastric and it may cause gastric acidity and irritation. Topical Glucosamine would obviously be preferred BUT formulating effective concentration of Glucosamine in a cream is a big challenge. It is even more challenging to deliver glucosamine across the skin layers in to the body. You may have heard people say “I tried many Glucosamine before but it did not work for me”. This is simply because any glucosamine product without the right glucosamine delivery technology may not give any value. The presence of high concentration of Glucosamine in the cream always leads to emulsion breakdown and decomposition of creams into two layers of oil and water. Thus effective Glucosamine therapy has been an illusion for many years.


Micellar Glucosamine is currently the most potent form of Glucosamine in the market, which uses the proprietary OBALIN Delivery Technology to deliver sufficient quantity of glucosamine through the skin layers seamlessly to the blood circulation in few minutes.

Obalin Delivery Technology is based on Urah Biosurfactant technology patented in the US, Japan and Singapore.

Urah Micellar GlucosamineCream (MGC) promotes healthy joints and healthy bones in 3 ways:

  1. It rescinds the devastating effects of degenerative diseases such as arthritis, rheumatism and osteoporosis
  2. It provides relief for all sport/work related joint and body pains such as sprains, muscle soreness, tingle finger, frozen shoulder, back pains and inflammation
  3. It provides nourishment, rejuvenation and protection for bones and cartilage during the process of growing and aging.

Developed in Singapore by a group of scientists led by Dr Jonathan Obaje, Micellar Glucosamine is a product of many years of research that focused on finding the solution to the problem of low absorption (bioavailability)of glucosamine.

The efficacy of Glucosamine products has been hindered for years due to low bioavailability.

Urah Micellar Delivery Technology enables high concentration of glucosamine to be delivered to the body directly through the skin with no side effect.

By bypassing the oral route, it avoids both the gastric side-effects and the first-pass losses usually associated with swallowing acidic glucosamine compounds.