‣ Frost & Sullivan
 2016 Asia Pacific Pain Relief Technologies Innovation Award

‣ Singapore Enterprise Association
 2016 Medal of Honour Award – Top 100 Elite & Trustworthy SME’s

‣ Unity Popular Choice Award
 2016 Best Product Topical Analgesic Glucosamine Award
 2015 Best Brand Topical Analgesic Glucosamine Award
 2014 Brand Winner Topical AnalgesicGlucosamine Award
 2013 Brand Winner Topical Analgesic Glucosamine Award

‣ Guardian Health & Beauty Award
 2014 Best Selling Topical Analgesic Joint Care Cream – Omega 3 with Urah Joint Cream

 Woman Body Award
 2014 Health & Wellness Award Winner – Bone Health Plus Omega-3 with Bio Calcium

 2014 Award Winner – Sporting Cream Plus MSM

URAH is committed to bringing the Benefit of Innovative Science into Every Home & Neighbourhouod across the globe.
-CEO, Dr Jonathan Obaje


 Urah Achieves International Pharmaceutical PIC/S GMP Standards, which encompasses WHO Guidelines

 Urah Micellar Arbutin Research on Hyperpigmentation Treatment was published in the British BioMed Central (Liang et al. BMC Res Notes (2016)9:254))

 Urah Micellar Bio-Calcium for Osteoporosis was launched

 Urah GMP Manufacturing Facility & Certification

 Clinical Research on efficacy of Urah MGC by a group of Singapore physicians headed by Dr NG Guat Hua published in the Int. J. Pharm. & Pharm. Sci. Vol. 3, Issue 3.

 Japan granted Urah Technology Patent No. 4580234

 The advanced formula named Urah Micellar Glucosamine (Urah MGC) was released for Global market

 USA granted Urah Technology Patent No: 6846916
 Singapore granted Urah Technology Patent No. 102615