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    Relieve joint pain and increase mobility. Support healthy joints and slow down the progression of osteoarthritis with a clinically proven product using a technology patented in the USA, Japan and Singapore.

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    Urah Micellar Glucosamine Cream

    Urah Micellar Glucosamine Products come in different formulations to meet the specific needs and requirements for medical diagnosis, individual sensitivities, occupational and gender preferences.

  • Patented in USA, Japan & Singapore

    Breakthrough Technology

    A breakthrough in the treatment of osteoarthritis, rheumatism and other degenerative diseases normally responsible for joint & body pains.



    Muscles, joints, and bones are vital for active lifestyle. It is important to take care of these body parts all the time, not just when they hurt. Proper care of muscles, joints, and bones as we age helps to strengthen and improves body’s mobility.

    Urah Micellar Glucosamine is suitable for everyone – The young, the sport lover, working adults and for active aging. It helps with growing up pains, occupational pains and degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and other aging conditions such as knee pain, frozen shoulder, rheumatoid arthritis, stiffness, numbness, lower back pain, hip joint pain, fractures, etc.

    ✔ Lasting Relief
    ✔ Natural, Smooth and Non-greasy
    ✔ Fully Absorbed & Delivered
    ✔ Clinically Proven

    graceful aging made possible with urah


    URAH Group of scientists based in Singapore provides a clinically tested solution for Joint & Body pains using URAH® Micellar Transdermal Technology. Urah Micellar Technology is based on its patented technology in the US, Japan & Singapore.

    1. Encapsulation

    2. Skin Penetration

     3. Relief & Healing

    Glucosamine helps keep the cartilage (the rubbery tissue that cushions bones at your joints) healthy and have an anti-inflammatory effect which relieves joint pain.

    Urah Micellar Delivery Technology enables Glucosamine molecules to be encapsulated & transport it smoothly across the skin layers into the body. Large amount of Glucosamine can now reach the affected joint tissues. 

    Urah Micellar Technology enhances Bioavailability-direct skin penetration of Natural Ingredients to Nourish, Rejuvenate & Strengthen Joint Structures.

    Get almost instant relief & protection with Urah Micellar Glucosamine Cream and not suffer another day of pain & discomfort.


    Mr. Akatsuka

    Mr. Akatsuka (Japan)

    I once suffered from my ligament damage while playing baseball. So I went to see an orthopaedist. But, he could not cure my pain, he could only massage you. By chance, I found URAH cream and I applied it on my knee. The instant I applied the cream, I felt comforted. 3 days after, I could walk. Without pain. Yeah, it’s incredible! So I asked URAH Singapore to send me 20 boxes, 20 units of the cream. I applied it on people suffering from…anywhere they have pain. Among 20 people, 17 people were cured from a variety of diseases they were suffering from (Arthritis, lumbago or neck pain). 17 persons recovered from their disease. It was incredible!

    Ms. Daphne

    Ms. Daphne (Singapore)

    I got knee cap problem, it’s very painful. So after I applied, the pain actual stopped. I also keep a spare tube at home. Last year, I went to Beijing, I thought my knee is ok, I climb the Great Wall of China. When I climb up there and I came down, my knee was like falling off. I was in pain for 2 months. I took pain killers; I took many things, but was never cured. Then I saw my table got this tube left (Joint Health plus Omega-3), so I apply, about 3x I applied, the pain stopped completely until today. That is why I say, it’s so good. I really recommended many friends to buy this. It’s really really working. This is like a miracle.

    Ms. Nifah

    Ms. Nifah (Singapore)

    I’ve been looking for Glucosamine, I survey the whole Singapore, which one really not so expensive. I found out that Urah is the best. That time I really got pain( knee pain), and got sharp pain.I’ve been looking for something, then found out about Urah, I applied (Urah Cream) and instantly, I can even run, I can take staircase, I can pray normally then I got no pain. Urah is fantastic. I hope the whole Singapore will know. Why must we use oversea product, it is so expensive and the quality is we don’t know. We have some quality product and we should tell the world. That we have something that other places don’t have.



    • Osteoarthritis
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • Osteoporosis
    •  Knee Pain
    • Frozen Shoulder
    • Hip Joint Pain


    • Neck Pain
    • Shoulder Pain
    • Tingle Fingers
    • Wrist Pain
    • Lower Back Pain
    • Knee Pain


    • Sprain
    • Swollen Ankle
    • Tennis Elbow
    • Muscle Aches
    • Wrist Pain
    • Back & Shoulder Pain


    • Sprain
    • Inflammation
    • Muscle Soreness
    • Cramps
    • Bumps
    • Swollen Ankle

    Urah Micellar Glucosamine Cream is a scientific formula for non-invasive treatment of Glucosamine deficiency syndromes such as osteoarthritis, joint and body pains, muscular stress & fatigue, sprain and inflammation. Urah Cream is all NATURAL, odourless, non-greasy & smooth on the skin

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